Infrastructure Upgrades

110 East 59th St

Project Details

  • The overall project consisted of three interlinked projects
    1. Replace three 1200 ton cooling tower with three new 1100 cooling towers.
    2. Install a 750kW emergency power generator and associated ATS switches.
    3. Convert the building from utility steam to steam boilers by installing three gas-fired steam boilers.
  • Installation of temporary cooling towers prior to demolition of existing base building towers. Temporary towers were sized for winter season loads.
  • Demolition in place of three 1200 ton cooling towers.
  • Fabrication and install of new structural steel for a new MER room on an existing setback of the 16th floor, with the cooling tower dunnage steel on top of the new MER
  • Multiple phase of crane lifts. Rigging an setting in place of three cooling towers, emergency generator, three boilers and structural steel placement for the MER and cooling tower louver screens.
  • Installation of new steam boiler system including LPS piping, condensate feed system, cleaning treatment station, control system and gas boosters.
  • Installation of new emergency generator system with automatic transfer switches, distribution boards and fire rated MI cable
  • Installation of new condenser water system with piping, pumps, free cooling plate, frame heat exchanger and controls.
  • Upgrade the existing BMS system by converting the building to a new Alerton system and integrating the new generator, boiler and cooling tower systems.

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