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Jack Resnick Infrastructure Upgrades

Project Details

Project Name: Jack Resnick Infrastructure Upgrades
Address: 110 East 59th St NY
General Contractor: HVAC Construction Inc – Turnkey
Client: Jack Resnick & Sons
Contract Amount: $13,000,000
Project Status: Complete

Cooling Tower Upgrade

  • Installed two (2) 300-ton temporary cooling tower on 18th floor building setback. Towers were installed to handle critical loads during the main tower replacement.
  • Demolished three (3) existing 1,100-ton cooling towers located on the 16th floor setback.
  • Installed of three (3) new 1,200-ton cooling towers at a higher elevation to allow for the construction of a new MER on the 16th floor setback to accommodate a new boiler plant and emergency backup generator.
  • Replaced pump motors and installed new VFDs on seven (7) existing condenser and chilled water pumps.
  • Installed a 1,700 GPM plate and frame heat exchanger to allow for economizer cooling.
  • Decommissioned and removed the temporary cooling towers after successful completion andcommissioning of the new system.

Steam Boiler Plant

  • Utilized an energy consultant’s report to determine the long-term energy savings of converting the building from city steam to gas fired steam boiler, via an upgraded gas service.
  • Construction of a new boiler room on the 16th floor, in the location of the previous cooling towers.
  • Rigged and set three (3) 7,000 MBH steam boilers.
  • Installed new low-pressure steam piping to tie back to the existing building infrastructure.
  • Installed a new condensate return system.
  • Commissioning of the boiler controls and lead-lag operation.
  • Installed a new gas riser from the street level to the boiler room.
  • Replaced the existing base building perimeter shell & tube perimeter heat exchangers

Emergency Generator

  • Rigged and set a 750kW emergency generator in the new MER located on the 16th floor.
  • Installed a new 1200A emergency distribution switchboard and associated panels.
  • Installed seven (7) emergency ATS throughout the building. Multiple shutdowns were required of critical building systems.
  • Installed a new MI cable electrical riser throughout the building.

BMS Upgrade

  • Converted the existing base building Alberio BMS system to Alerton. Tied in all new and existing equipment with full graphics.

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